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888Soccertips has created opportunities for handicappers / tipsters to sell in the world first sports tipping marketplace platform.

Earn up to 35% of all Sales Before Any Costs!

That's right, we offer an above industry-standard of up to 30% of all revenue generated from your service.

That's before we pay for hosting, advertising, event sponsorships, staff costs and so on. We value each and every one of our tipsters and it's why we offer such a high percentage of the turnover each service generates.

What does this mean in real terms though?

Obviously, it all comes down to how profitable the service is you run as, generally speaking, the more profitable the service the higher the number of members that service has.

Tipsters generally earn between $3,000 and $4,000 per month with a couple of tipsters now exceeding the $4,000 figure.

That's over $48,000 in a year!

so howdoes it all work?

You focus on the tips.
We focus on everything else.

It's pretty simple.

Choose the right plan to start as a tipster in below service table submit your first tip with our Tipster Management Panel.

You're completely free to run your service as you see fit. We then handle the rest!

type of tipster junior senior bundle premium
Selling price per tip 50 $1 to $99 Price for 7 and 30 tips $100 to $999
Minimum tips 5 30 60 80
Followers 0 5 10 20
Maximum tips
Submission a day
3 6 8 8
Minimum hits rate
-Na- 60% 70% 80%